Must-have Eco Products

Must-have Eco Products

When we are talking about household products, natural alternatives and eco-friendly items are just beginning to gain popularity. For a long time, the majority of people didn’t realize the harm of chemicals we are using on a daily basis.

 Not only because all chemicals are dangerous if swallowed, touched or inhaled, but also, because many of them can potentially get into our waterways and become extremely dangerous to the environment.

 In 2020, you can live sustainably and be eco-friendly just by choosing the right environmentally friendly products that are available online. At Kiwi Eco Box, we are always trying to find those products and include them inside the new monthly box to help our customers to live green.

 Here are top 5 sustainable eco friendly products for every household:

 1. Kitchen sponges

 The best kitchen sponge alternative is Loofah sponge, which actually is a vegetable in the gourd family, and It’s know from antic Egypt time. Loofah sponges are great for cleaning almost everything, anything that needs scrubbed but can't withstand abrasive steel wool.

 2. Natural bristle brushes

 If you’re already living zero-waste, but don’t have bristle brush yet, we strongly recommend you to try it. It works perfect for cleaning bottles and narrow neck-jars.

 3. Homemade dish soap

 You can find lots of recipes online for any kind of dish soap online, as well as get it through various websites. For people accustomed to the super soapy dyed and scented commercial stuff—mighty be a challenging at the beginning, but think about the environment effect.

 4. Homemade window cleaner

 Use a rag to clean your windows with vinegar and water and dry with crumpled newspaper. Works better than any other chemical liquid, but has the same effect and will leave your windows crystal clear.

 5. Wax wraps

 Reusable Bee Wrap Wax Paper is a product worth trying. It’s a great alternative to help protect your vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and snacks, and avoid using plastic snack bags. Crafted with bee’s wax, Jojoba oil, natural tree resin, and 100% organic cotton, wraps are safe and easy to clean and reuse over and over.

 In our opinion, these are great starter products that would help you to live sustainably and zero-waste. Most of them you can receive in Kiwi Eco Box by signing up for our subscription. By living green, you’re saving not only your life, but life of future generation as well.

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